Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Role of Education in Economic Well-Being of Single Mothers

The relationship between education and single mother’s economic wellbeing is really pronounced. According to analysis of the 2003 Panel of Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) data, it is evident that past work experience is not sufficient for economic wellbeing of a single mother. 

On the other hand, education specifically post-secondary education plays an important role in enhancing the earning potential of a single mother.

Due to increase in divorce rate and other social issues, American family structure has been greatly changed. Mother headed families are becoming common in American society. In 2010 census this fact was truly evident that single mother families were 35.5% of total population and large proportion of them were trapped in the clutches of poverty. It is really important that now we should take steps for the economic welfare of single mothers. 

Analysis indicates that low level earning of single mothers is due to the lack of job opportunities and education. It is observed that high poverty rates are more in single mother headed families as compared to married couples. The reason is that if a woman has a husband to support her, then her low earning potential and low education attainment is no more a problem.

Most of the experts suggest that one of the most important employment related factor is education. Experts clearly state that importance of college education for single mothers cannot be denied.  Post-secondary education ensures you to get dexterous in your working arena and to unlock doors of financial opportunities for single women. Post-secondary education makes an individual aware of various different aspects of a certain profession. It enhances technical expertise of an individual.

A single mother with a post-secondary or higher education has entirely different and better approaches for doing job. Education enriches her not only with technological capabilities but also provide her personality grooming too. Woman with post-graduation more clearly understands workplace ethics than those without it. Education can help single mothers to develop into fully mature professionals who are well aware of the needs and demands of their profession.

To conclude, I must say role of education in economic well-being of single mothers is really prominent.

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