Saturday, March 26, 2016

Top 10 Careers For Single Mothers

Single mothers have it the hardest when balancing their time taking care of their children and managing their work. Some of the other things to consider while doing the research are to look for companies that offer job sharing, flextime, work-from-home option and preferably an on-site daycare. Top 10 careers for single mothers, in no particular order are:


Sales and marketing career option for single mothers is great because it requires little experience and training so anybody can choose to opt for a sales job. Sales jobs can include different options like selling insurance, real estate, pharmaceuticals etc. Insurance Sales Agents earned an average annually of $46,770 in May 2012, Real Estate Brokers earned an average of $54,910 annually and Advertising Sales Agents earned an average of $45,350 per year. (Source)

Customer Service

A customer service job is perfect for those single moms who prefer to stay at home and work from home since most customer service jobs require the staff to work via phone only. These mothers can enjoy work with less stress and have the option to work for various employers. Customer service representatives earn annual salary between $19,620 and $49,800.

Public Relations

The mothers can attain a public relations job with a college or associate degree and can enjoy a flexible schedule which in most cases can depend on their projects and client schedule. Average salary for PR professions is $53,190 per year.


Healthcare career offers various well-paid positions to single moms with benefits like longer vacations, health benefits and paid time off.  Nursing career is a great option for single mothers as it pays well and usually offers a flexible schedule. The salary figures vary from area to area in the healthcare industry. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for registered nurses was $31.10 per hour.


Teaching career is a great option for single mothers too as it allows one to work the same hours as their own children if they are in school. According to the BLS at teacher at entry level may earn up to $35,000 annually

Childcare Worker/Babysitting

Childcare workers working in daycare centers have the advantage of decent pay with the peace of mind to stay close to their children especially if they are really young.

Entrepreneur/Private Business

Many single mothers can work as a hairstylist, makeup artist, psychiatrist or psychical therapist and set their business at home. That way they have the option to work from home and base their work time on number of appointments for the day.


Event planning or graphic designing/fashion design are examples of fields that are suitable for the talented single mothers out there who can build a career in a field they enjoy as well as enjoy flexible timings which is based on contracts and projects they get.


Clerical, data entry and secretary positions require some experience and usually a high school or diploma so the job is more attainable by anybody. Average pay in 2010 for Administration professionals was $77,890 per year.

Work Study Program

Work study program with a college or university one is attending is a great option, especially for younger mothers and mothers with little educational and work experience. They can pay off their tuition and in most cases, can have the option to have an on-site daycare.

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