Saturday, October 10, 2015

Educational Development Plans for Working Moms

In the past many educational plans for working moms have been developed. According to recent statistics, there are 35 million single moms living in U.S.A and about half of them are living at or below the poverty level. The reason for this is that most of the single moms have not even completed their high school education.  Therefore it gets really difficult for them to get financially stable. Obama president of U.S.A has started “Mom Return to School Program” for working moms.

It is the established fact that education is the tool through which single moms can secure their financial future. Education specifically post-secondary education plays a significant role in widening horizon of job opportunities.  

Mom Return to School program is developed after realizing the importance of education in socio-economic activities. This is a nineteen billion dollar educational plan for working moms. The interesting feature of this educational program is that number of grants for low income students especially for single mothers have been increased. The amount of scholarship has been increased to $5100.The other important feature of this educational plan is that single mothers have to just fill the form and submit it. They do not need to pay $4000 of higher education. The other aspect of this educational program is that every applicant earning less than $45,000 per year can receive up to $10,000 as a financial aid to continue education. This financial aid does not have to be paid back too.

You can easily apply for the financial assistance through this educational plan for working moms. Through FSFA organization, you can fill out online form. It only takes 15 minute to fill out this form. You have to submit your tax information and other papers too. Keep your paper work organized.

Night classes, weekend courses, online education degrees are also available. Single moms who have really small kids and cannot leave them alone can select this medium of education.

Single moms should at all cost continue their education. Education is the key through which they can upgrade their standard of living. Education not only increases their chances of employment but also offer them higher pay rates.

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